C# Certification Online Training

What is C#.NET

C# is a modern, object-oriented programming language that was developed by Microsoft. It was designed to be simple, expressive, and easy to learn, making it an ideal choice for both beginners and experienced developers. C# is a statically typed language, meaning that the types of variables and expressions are known at compile time, which helps to improve performance and reduce the likelihood of runtime errors.

C# has a rich set of features and libraries that make it easy to build powerful and scalable applications. It includes advanced features such as automatic memory management, exception handling, and multithreading support, which help to make code more efficient and robust. Additionally, C# is integrated with the .NET framework, which provides a vast array of libraries and tools that can be used to develop complex applications quickly and efficiently.

C# is a powerful, modern programming language that is easy to learn and can be used for a wide range of applications. Its versatility, rich set of features, and integration with the .NET framework make it an excellent choice for developers who want to build high-performance, scalable, and reliable applications.


Basic programming concepts

You should have a good understanding of programming concepts like variables, data types, conditional statements, loops, and functions.

Duration, Fees & Registration

Course Duration

  • Duration: 16 Days

  • 1 hour session via Zoom

  • Mon to Thu/Sat to Sun

Payment Mode

  • PayPal

  • Xoom

  • Bank Wire Transfer

  • UPI (India)

Who should join this course

Beginners and Newbies

  • Fresh Graduates with Passion to learn programming

  • Fresh Graduates with Computer Science background

  • Junior Software Developers

Front-End & UI/UX

  • Web Designers

  • Graphic Designers

  • Front-End Developers

Experienced Professionals

  • Senior Software Developers

  • IT Managers

  • Team Leads

  • Database Administrators

About the Instructor

Abhishek Rajiv Luv

.NET & ASP.NET Online Instructor

Abhishek Luv is a skilled .NET and ASP.NET Trainer with more than 7 years of teaching experience, specializing in C#, ASP.NET Core MVC, Entity Framework Core, Visual Studio, LINQ, Repository and Unit of work pattern, ASP.NET Core Web API, Git and Github, Angular, and more. He has trained students worldwide and is passionate about helping them achieve success in the field.

Abhishek holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Applications and completed a Computer Hardware course in 2004. Since his school days, Abhishek has had a keen interest in computers and enjoys playing retro games like Super Mario Bros and Contra in his free time. He is also interested in networking, ethical hacking, and bug bounty hunting, and keeps himself up-to-date with the latest developments in these areas.

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C# Certification Online Training Syllabus

  • Student & Faculty Introduction
  • Instructions about Zoom and DropBox access
  • Getting started with .NET Framework and C#
  • Understanding Computer Basics: Input -> Compiler -> Output
  • Understanding the process of compiling C# source code
  • CLR: Converts IL code to native machine code
  • CTS: Types defined in .NET framework used to create data in applications
  • CLS: .NET Framework rules that need to be followed by programming languages
  • Base class libraries: Set of class libraries with built-in and ready-made functionalities
  • Understanding C# and .NET framework version numbers
  • Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition Basics
  • Understanding the role of Main method
  • CTS: Looking at the built-in data types
  • Variable declaration
  • Manipulating textual data using String and StringBuilder class
  • Using implicitly-typed local variables
  • Decision making in C#
  • Looping and Iteration in C#
  • Arrays in C#
  • Learning how to create methods in C#
  • Creating methods with/without return types
  • Understanding value and reference types
  • Understanding enum and nullable types
  • Understanding method parameters: out, ref, params
  • Understanding breakpoints and debugging feature of Visual Studio
  • Creating Classes and Objects
  • Understanding Encapsulation
  • Constructors, Properties, Static Classes and Members
  • Constants, read-only fields, object initialization syntax
  • Understanding Inheritance and Polymorphism
  • Overloading and Overriding of methods
  • Understanding Abstract classes and Abstract methods
  • Understanding Access Modifiers: public,private,protected,internal
  • Understanding the use of Interfaces
  • Non-Generic Collection
  • Problems with Non-Generic Collection
  • Saying Hello to Generic Collections
  • Dictionary, Stack, Queue and more....
  • Understanding Exception Handling
  • Using try..catch, throw, when, finally
  • Custom Exceptions
  • Understanding Delegates
  • Understanding Generic Delegates: Action and Func
  • Understanding Anonymous methods
  • Understanding Lambda expresions
  • Understanding Anonymous Types
  • Understanding Extension methods
  • Understanding how CLR manages memory using Garbage Collection
  • Using IDisposable interface and Dispose method
  • Understanding object generation and System.GC type
  • Understanding Namespace and Creating custom namespace
  • .NET assemblies: .DLL or .EXE
  • Consuming custom class library in Console Application
  • Understanding private and shared assemblies
  • Understanding GAC global assembly cache
  • Creating/Deleting directory programmatically
  • Using File, String and Memory streams for Data
  • Serializing .NET objects to Bin, JSON, Txt
  • ADO.NET Basics
  • Understanding .NET Data Providers
  • Understanding Connected and Disconnected architecture
  • Writing Data Access code using ADO.NET
  • using static (C# 6.x)
  • String Interpolation (C# 6.x)
  • Getter only auto property (C# 6.x)
  • Property Initializer (C# 6.x)
  • Expression bodied property syntax (C# 6.x)
  • Expression bodied method syntax (C# 6.x)
  • nameof operator (C# 6.x)
  • Local functions (C# 7.x)

Benefits you will receive

Video Recordings

All live training sessions will be recorded so that student can watch all the training videos for future reference.

Full Source Code

Everything will be explained practically with full source code. After every session, student will receive entire source code files for future reference via DropBox.

Live Interaction

Student can interact with the faculty directly with a Microphone. All sessions will be conducted using Zoom.

Course Certificate

After completing a training student will receive a course completion certificate with a verified url.

Cost Effective

Greener and cost effective. Helps you to avoid commuting. More interactive and greater ability to concentrate from the comfort of your own home.

One-on-One Learning Experience

All training sessions will be one-on-one between the faculty and the participant for a richer learning experience.

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